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Here comes the sun

I know, sunrise photographs are very common… Well, not for me. At least, since I live in Dublin. As you can imagine, there are more cloudy than sunny days and in summer, when the weather is not so bad, the sun rises so early that waking up at 3 in […]

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Gorch Fock

Living in Dublin has some perks. Visits of beautiful tall ships are one of them, specially when these are training ships from all around the world. Last september we enjoyed the visit of one of the two German training ships, the Gorch Fock, who docked at the river Liffey. Definitely, she enhanced the […]

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Sunset at the Liffey

November couldn’t have started better this year. A clear sky and mild temperatures welcomed one of the darkest months in Dublin. It was impossible to resist the temptation of going outside and walk along the Liffey, the river that divides Dublin in two and is home to some of the most […]

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