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When seasons meet

Sometimes plans don’t go the way you imagine. This isn’t necessarily bad… You plan to go somewhere just to make a photo and, eventually, you end up doing something entirely different from what you had in mind. This happened to me a few days ago. Like last year, we went […]

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Alpabzug in Entlebuch

Summer is over. It’s been a long one, but now it feels like it’s gone for good. We’ve been enjoying a sunny and warm September, with some last swims in Zurichsee, strolls in the city and the forest in Uetliberg… But these last days the rain has come back to […]

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Alpabfahrt, the Swiss end of Summer

If there is a Swiss tradition that I was looking forward to seeing that is the Alpabfarht. What is the Alpabfarht? The Alpabfarht (from German, means the drive from the mountain pastures) takes place when the farmers take their cows (or goats or sheep) back to their sheds after they […]

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